Lea Ward

Lea is one of the main Kickboxing instructors within the Fighting Fit organisation.

In his own words;

I started learning martial arts when I was five years old, at the time I wanted to learn how to do the moves I had seen in the arcade games in the 1980’s, unlike most people at the time who wanted to learn moves to look like Bruce Lee. I started teaching at 13, turned semi pro at 17 and pro at 20. I have two black belts and have studied various martial arts including kickboxing, judo, Thai boxing, western boxing, Brazilian ju jitsu, shoot fighting, Jeet koon do, kung fu and vale tudo. Currently I teach a style that is closest to kickboxing, but I like to include parts of other martial arts that I think are effective. I currently teach in a number of locations including Nantwich, Crewe, Edgmond, Audley and Shavington.”