Chris Paines

Starting his Martial Arts journey at the beginning of the millennium, Chris started training in traditional styles of Jujitsu, initially at the Bushi Karate Jitsu Renmei in Longton, then settling at the Kaeshi Ryu Jujitsu Academy in Stafford.

In 2008, Chris was awarded his Japanese Jujitsu Black Belt from Richard Tunstall at Kaeshi Ryu, soon starting his own satellite club on the other side of town. The following year, after mistakenly entering a Judo Ground Fighting competition and thinking “he’d do fine”, a young 22 year old Chris signed up at the Fighting Fit Combat Sports Submission Wrestling programme in Stone, under the tutelage of Alan Stockdale, Rich Willis, and Gee Oakes.

Over the years, and with a shifting of coaches, Chris became the main lead grappling instructor at Fighting Fit. After travelling up and down the country and abroad to further his grappling knowledge, Chris was awarded his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt in 2019 from renowned Estonian BJJ Black Belt Priit Mihkelson, and his Luta Livre Purple Belt from the “Luta Livre Hobo” Nico Welko.

Alongside his main role teaching BJJ at Fighting Fit, Chris also coaches seminars both nationally and internationally, as well as running online tutorials, and competing whenever he gets the opportunity, stepping under the bright lights hundreds of times, including on live PPV events.

Lineage (BJJ):
Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie Sr > Carlos Gracie Jr > Rigan Machado > Chris Hauteur > Matt Thornton > Priit Mihkelson > Chris Paines

Lineage (Luta Livre):
Euclydes Hatem > Carlos Brunocilla > Eugenio Tadeu > Marcio Cromado > Nico Welko > Chris Paines

For more information on Chris, including any future seminars, visit his web site here.