BJJ Instructionals

Season Two: Making a Submission

2019-10-25_23-50-293898393458799995022.jpg Episode One – Triangles

2019-10-25_23-50-38.jpg Episode One Point Five – Arm Triangles

2019-10-25_23-50-49.jpg Episode Two – Ankle Locks

2019-10-25_23-50-57.jpg Episode Three – D’Arce Chokes

2019-10-25_23-51-04.jpg Episode Three Point Five – North/South Arm Triangle

2019-10-25_23-51-13.jpg Episode Four – Armbars


Season One: A Complete Lack of Technique

2019-10-25_23-34-42.jpg Episode One – Why we Train Mount Wrong

2019-10-25_23-37-42.jpg Episode Two – Every Guard Pass Ever

2019-10-25_23-42-59.jpg Episode Three – Why BJJ Guard is Just Wrestling

2019-10-25_23-45-18.jpg Episode Four – Choke Theory and Remembering Accuracy

2019-10-25_23-46-29.jpg Episode Five – The Other Side of Jiu-Jitsu

2019-10-25_23-49-35.jpg Episode Six – Fundamental Aspects of All Guards

2019-10-25_23-50-17.jpg Episode Seven – How To Drill Smarter in BJJ


Camp Videos:

Screenshot_20191026-084747-01 BJJ Globetrotters Estonia 2019 – How to Defend Everything

2019-10-26_08-45-40  BJJ Globetrotters Heidelberg 2019 – Every Guard Pass Ever

2019-10-26_08-45-47 BJJ Globetrotters Heidelberg 2019 – No Handed Choke Defence


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