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Some people may remember me mentioning Christian Graugart, the BJJ Globetrotter. Well, Fighting Fit is now part of the BJJ Globetrotters organisation, and Christian has taken to holding camps over at his home gym in Copenhagen, Denmark. So guess where I’ve just been!

What an incredible journey. Just, I cannot put into words what that trip has meant to me. The training, the city, the gym, the new friends. I think I’m in love with the place.

I arrived early on Thursday morning, and went to my hostel in the main city area to drop of my bags. Once I had checked in, I caught the train over to I had just missed one of the first sessions, with MMA coach, Carsten Ettrup. Fortunately, I was ready for all of the following.

From then I attended as many sessions as my body would allow, culminating in an 8 hour roll for Charity at the end. The sessions were held Carsten, Christian Graugart, Kari Gunnarsson, and Robson Barbosa. To say I have progressed, is an understatement. To say my body is broken, is an understatement. To say I won’t be going again, is a lie.

I’ve found a new annual pilgrimage. And I look forward to seeing more of all my new Globetrotter buddies.


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