Grappling Scout – Wigan

Recently, I’ve been having a deep and meaningful look at my game, and really asking, what the hell is it that I do?

I like rolling around in a Gi, but also love smashing people to bits in No-Gi. I do enjoy the bottom game of Jiu-Jitsu, but also love wrestling someone into the ground and making them miserable (as demonstrated by my recent trips to Wolverhampton Wrestling Club). Looking back, to how I was raised into this sport, and what my coaches intended for me, I am afraid I will always be a submission wrestler. Someone who values the wrestling side of things, taking top control, and making someone wish the fight was over.

From this, I decided to take a trip the home of Wrestling in the UK, possibly the world, Wigan. The home of Catch as Catch Can.

Due to various reasons, I cannot go into great detail what happened in Wigan, but all I can say is, I know what I am now, and I know where I want to take my game 😉


Published by Chris Paines

Grappling Coach

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